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OkCaller does not sell any products or request money from end users. We offer a free reverse lookup search engine service using the only fully transparent, patented Caller ID system on the web. To opt out from our service, you may contact your telecommunications provider to change your "CNAM" Caller-ID. You may also use our automated SMS verification system to remove your Caller Name from OKcaller. SMS verification is a required step, and calling us will not expedite the process. For court orders, emergencies, or business partnership matters, our contact details are as follows:
+1 305 563 4466
OKCaller is operated by Greenflight Venture Corp, a Florida C Corporation.
Our office and registered agent address is 10312 Orchid Reserve Drive, West Palm Beach FL 33412.
OKCaller sources Caller Name ID from the leading telecommunications provider, under license of United States Reissued Patent RE48,847.

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